Tip 1: Difficult conversations and how to have them is a recurring topic in my coaching work. We often have things that we want to say to people but just can’t quite seem to find a way, even though it’s looming large under the surface.

Sometimes it’s a piece of feedback we want to give someone, sometimes it’s a case of feeling wronged and wanting to understand what has led up to a situation. Whatever the reason for the conversation, we often dread them and put them off.

In fact, most of the time my clients say that these conversations are impossible. They simply cannot happen because of the perceived consequences. But is that true? Is it really? My 1st tip is to really challenge that thinking…yes, it’s possible that the outcome will be tough…but there are many other possible outcomes. What else might they be? If you can’t see those for yourself then talk it through with a friend and ask them what other outcomes could look like.