My approach

Coaching designed for you.

Creating a structured coaching programme for you begins with an exploratory meeting where we’ll really get to the crux of why you or your team want coaching and the outcomes you’ll achieve.

New insights
Clear direction

Knowing what success looks like means we can measure progress along the way and have open conversations to check you’re getting the results you want.

Of course, work and life changes all the time so we keep some flexibility in the programme to change direction and work on your most pressing priorities.

Typically coaching begins with Myers Briggs Personality Insights to provide a big boost of self-awareness and insight into how to communicate more effectively with other personality types.

Having trained with leading lights in my field I bring a range of Coaching tools including NLP techniques. I’ll always check you’re comfortable with the techniques and I teach as I go so you so you can self-coach long after we have finished our work together.

I strive to be open and honest and encourage others to do the same, helping you be honest with yourself and open with others to share what you think or feel. By creating a safe, supportive coaching environment, everyone is free to speak their mind without judgement or reprisals.

If your organisation is paying the bill then we can discuss whether we need a meeting with the person who has commissioned the coaching to ensure we are all aligned on what we need to achieve.

Knowing what success looks like
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Do you want to
change the world?

I reserve two coaching slots every year for pro bono Coaching. If you are involved in work that promotes equality, tackles racism or supports environmental matters then please contact me.

Having impact for good is at the heart of my work. As founder of both Coaching Reading and Legacy Thinking I hope to make a difference to the place I live and work.

change the world

Happy clients

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Coaching helped me to build my confidence. I immediately felt empowered and validated in our conversations.

Lorraine Briffitt
MD, Connect Reading