Your approach

Coaching designed for you.

Coaching is a two-way relationship and you’ll get out what you put in. Getting clear at the start on your objectives is very motivating and I will help you prepare for the Coaching.

Time for change
Getting started

Coaching takes commitment, and it’s worth it! You’ll need to do the work and I’ll support you. Helping you to try out new behaviours and complete your goals by offering accountability, encouragement and input such as articles, books or podcasts.

Is Coaching right for me?

‘I’m not 100% sure what I need’… This is normal!

We can have an exploratory call (no fee) and you can simply articulate where you’re at. I can help you to start working out your coaching topics and explain what the Coaching process could look like.

Often Coaching fits in at the moment where change is required. If you work in an organisation, this can be just before or at the beginning of a new more senior role or if you want to take your role or team to the next level.

As a business owner this can be at key moments when a business is shifting e.g. from start up to a more established business.

Coaching provides a regular space to think. I bring no agenda, no judgement. What I do bring is structure and focus to these conversations. You’ll finish each session with clarity plus a plan to get cracking on.

Complex problems require focused time and attention. Coaching can help us broaden our perspective so we find new ideas and options. All of this renews our confidence.

Our work lives and personal lives are interconnected so inevitably there’ll be some cross over. I’ll ensure we stay on track for our coaching goals whilst having the conversations we need to have.

Yes! Working for yourself can be isolating and sometimes you need a boost to re-focus your business, identify your goals and get motivated. We can do this together.

Yes! Whether you’re searching for the second half of your career or dreaming of setting up your own business then I can Coach you through this. Many clients have been at this point as we’ve begun our work together and successfully achieved their vision for their future.

The coaching process
One to one coaching


An exploratory meeting where we’ll really get to the crux of why you want coaching and the outcomes you’ll achieve. You’ll start to see a future …


Over six sessions we take your coaching objectives and use a range of tools and models to unpack your thinking. At each session we’ll clarify where you are now and where you want to get to so we can check we’ve got to a good outcome every time.


The work builds over time and as we move through the coaching topics confidence builds. You gain clarity on what you think and why, what you want to do next and how you’re going to get there.

Ready to start one to one coaching?

Happy clients

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Choosing to work with Julie has been one of the greatest things I’ve done for myself. She’s helped me to gain perspective, identify a clear path, lay out the direction for my future, and gain new insight into how to carry out my goals.

Naomi Jones
Communications and Marketing Director, Suez