Confidence kick start, Connect Reading

Confidence kick start, Connect Reading

When you work part-time, finding dedicated time to really think things through and reflect is really tricky. Julie arrived on the scene (thankfully!) when I was two to three months into the job.  Coaching was a prime opportunity to intentionally carve out time, and for me to focus on myself as a leader.

Coaching helped me to build my confidence. I immediately felt empowered and validated in our conversations.  I hadn’t expected to tackle imposter syndrome head-on. but we did! It was so helpful. Julie brought simple, helpful tricks and techniques to help me plan daily life. I’d recommend Julie to anyone: she’s experienced, focused and kind … with an array of tools up her sleeve for every conversation and situation.

Coaching with Julie was friendly and informal, but it was also structured. Julie kept notes and kept us on track. It felt like a conversation, but a conversation that someone else held for me, so I didn’t have to take that weight.

The time and thought during the conversation itself was invaluable, but even thinking about it before you meet was helpful because it acted as a significant motivator. The fact that I was accountable to someone else helped move me forward each time we met.

Coaching is productive, too. The selection of tools that Julie has available meant I could just rest into the conversation, trusting she might have helpful reflections and techniques to address what I raised.

Finally, the time commitment is key; having to schedule it in your diary to make it happen, as well as knowing that someone else was giving you their time and valuing what you brought. Julie listened and helped put buffers around the conversation to move it forwards. Making the time for that was both encouraging and stretching, showing me that I was worth investing in. It helped to reframe how I approached my time commitments and constraints, developing how I plan tasks as well as how I planned my thoughts.

Lorraine Briffitt, MD, Connect Reading