Electric Leadership

Executive coaching

I originally contacted Julie as I wanted to develop my leadership style as I was developing into a role with a much bigger team and facing many challenges in the role. I needed to develop my confidence in trusting my gut instinct in some situations and managing a couple of demanding Directors.

Before the Coaching I was just doing what I thought was right and bouncing some stuff off my boss. I realised I needed someone independent to my line manager to work through challenges with. I wanted to be seen as capable of operating on my own and less reliant on my manager.

I immediately got value out of the coaching, we did Myers Briggs personality work over the first couple of sessions and working through the insight was a brilliant start for me to become aware of my natural tendencies and blind spots.

The Coaching gave me the ability to think through decisions and challenge myself on them, to be more confident particularly in managing people and courses of action. I’ve also learned to self-coach in some scenarios.
I have been able to lead a team of 26 to overcome the challenge of taking on a business area which had many problems. We cleansed a balance sheet clearing it of £50m of adjusting entries, it gave the FD confidence that we could now get through audit and he wouldn’t be hit with surprises. The team I took on had some HR issues and coaching helped me approach them correctly and fairly, this allowed me to build my team with the right people to tackle our challenges.

I have so much more confidence in myself as a leader, I lead teams of senior, very capable and qualified people and I feel comfortable doing that at a relatively young age.

Coaching took me to be successful in securing an onwards promotion in the flagship business area the work I’d done with Julie gave me the confidence to take on the team successfully. 18 months on from that promotion coaching has helped me plan out my future career and consider the option of a change in direction to something I will find more rewarding.

Julie brings the perfect balance of professional and friendly, she challenges me all the time and I have grown with every session. If you’re looking for a Coach then go for it, you will get results
I’ve loved having Julie at the end of a phone when I need to talk about something, I love the different techniques we use, I love that we can tackle any subject. It’s such a comfort to know that we can tackle any problem. I have walked away from every single session having either learned something or solved something or been able to plan out a resolution.

Rachael Burns, Financial Controller, SSE Renewables