Refresh your Business, Refreshing

Refresh your Business, Refreshing

“We’ve reduced our overheads by 70% and gained advice, consultancy and coaching we wouldn’t have had otherwise”

We have been working together running Refreshing, a senior financial recruitment company, for seven years; we’re brothers and joint Directors. We came to Coaching for a form of mediation; someone to sit in between us and move things along; to bring a different dynamic. We have very different backgrounds, Joe has a sales background and I have an accountancy background; we needed to align the two things.

We wanted to understand how to structure the business; until now naturally it had fallen for Charlie to be MD and Joe to be Commercial Director. We needed to firm this up and look at business generation and profit, to see the numbers improving, generating business, managing what the business is and the costs we held.

As you start a business and it develops, different bits grow so we wanted to look at the office space, staff, our name, the part of the market to focus on. To identify strengths and to follow that model.

We saw value from the Coaching straight away. Decisions are immediately affecting the business and save time. We resolve topics and have actions, so we have clarity straight away.  Our monthly overheads have reduced by 70%.

It’s so useful to have a third party and sounding board, it’s so beneficial to have someone to sit and we talk, to make us set the time aside. It’s enforced time to evaluate ideas, to clarify what we’re doing.

It’s been good for stress too, there’s so much less stress now.  There is no model for what we offer, we came to realise this, and we worked out actions to take and became decisive. We now have a timeline of activity punctuated by the meetings. We take significant actions now.  Always by the time we leave a session we know how to fix things – the positivity lasts.

Coaching has structured our thoughts, we’ve walked from confusion to clarity, and really simply Julie has facilitated that. Coaching isn’t needing to do “exercises”.  It’s seemingly simple, effective and not something we can do on our own. It’s someone adding value.

Joe and Charlie Jones, Directors and Owners, Refreshing