Understanding how we each work best, Dimensions UK

Understanding how we each work best, Dimensions

After a few months of working remotely due to the pandemic, and recruiting a couple of new team members who hadn’t been able to meet their new colleagues in person, we approached Julie to help. We particularly wanted to focus on enabling understanding of how we each work best and the roles we all play as part of our team of 20 colleagues.

Julie made sure she really understood the need and what we wanted to see as outcomes from our work together. She developed a highly creative response which included and involved the whole team and felt like it was making a genuine virtue of us having to have the sessions online.

The rich insights and mutual understanding this Team Coaching work generated and the appreciation it gave us of the strengths we each bring were really impactful. It connected us as a team in a meaningful way at a time when this was needed. Several months on, colleagues still refer back positively to what they learned about through our work with Julie.

Prior to this Julie worked with my management team and I to help us as most of the team members were settling into new roles and responsibilities. This required a new focus and new ways of working with each other. That was getting on for a year ago, but the results and Julie’s input and impact are still both felt and discussed regularly. We all greatly valued the calm and credible way that Julie enabled us to identify how we could realise our own potential individually, but also work much more cohesively together. We are now a team that feels much more at ease with ourselves, each other, and with productive ‘conflict’ within our management team discussions. It is hard not to be struck by the healthy and valuable impact this continues to have. Julie’s work with our wider team also helped to re-set things after a period of transition, and since Julie’s input the team has forged ahead with a sense of unity and collaboration. I’m really pleased that we worked with Julie, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Simon Gosney, Head of Learning and Development, Dimensions UK