Igniting my Career, Connect Reading

Igniting my Career, Connect Reading

I first started working with Julie to work out my long-term career direction, to recognise my achievements and to measure my impact. I needed to get comfortable with wanting to progress and earn money!

I also had goals for my current role. I wanted to push more into leadership and increase my confidence. It was important to me to feel valued for my skills and experience, and to build confidence in my decision making.

Through the coaching I completed my Myers Briggs personality profile and already found myself reflecting on this before Julie and I met. In the first session we set goals, some of which we’d achieved simply through the coaching conversation. Julie is super effective and was able to quickly draw out personal goals and objectives which have had a huge impact.

Through working on my long-term career direction I now feel confident about my values and ambitions for work. I know I want to be part of something strategic. By creating a mind map of my achievements I am now able to confidently talk about them – even recently in a presentation during a job interview! I have also come up with a tool through my coaching for assessing my impact every 3 months which I will continue to use.

The coaching has really helped increase my confidence in decision making in my role and wider strategic decisions. I pushed for, and got, a pay rise in my current role. I then interviewed recently for, and got, a new role with lots more strategic responsibility and opportunity for progression. I felt able to confidently present myself, my skills and my desire to have a big impact, thanks to my coaching!

Overall, the coaching gave me regular opportunities to pause, reflect and set goals to work on and Julie has given me tools to put into practice which have helped me to reflect and continue to progress my own personal development in my own time.

Overall, I felt like Julie really ‘got me’! I felt seen, heard, and valued by her during our sessions and during the times when we checked in on goals in between sessions. I felt like she was always championing me and wanting to see me progress.

The most positive aspect of our coaching work is that I feel completely differently about my future! I feel confident that any organisation would be lucky to have me, and that I deserved to be paid well for the skills, experience, and desire to learn which I bring. I feel happy not knowing all the answers but feel equipped to reflect and progress in every aspect of my life.

Annie Willmot, Head of Comms & Events, Connect Reading