Mastermind story: Lighting of all our fires

mastermind workshop

Until we engaged with Julie, none of us quite knew that our “fires” needed either ‘igniting’ or ‘lighting’. How wrong we were!

Not only have we experienced a lighting of all our fires; we have gained lifelong friendships, deep independent and team thinking and reflection. When I say “we” – our group transformed from five independent company Directors to a team of six connected, collaborative and close friends, with Julie very much a core part of the gang.

The benefits of working with Julie personally for me have been immeasurable. I have learned to understand that I need balance in my life and how to approach creating it for myself and to not rely on others to fulfil my needs. As a very independent person from the outset, I have gained the insight to allow myself to let go of the need for permission of others in achieving what I want in my life and instead to continue with my own journey, regardless of external acceptance or the judgement of others.

From a team and business approach, experiencing the Ignite series has encouraged us to roll out Julie’s “magic” to the whole of our team as we want our employees to understand what they are capable of and how to find their own flow and spark, through the self-exploration that we know Julie will ignite for them all.

Julie is an excellent leader and mentor with huge energy and enthusiasm for all of her clients. What Julie does best is; she doesn’t give you all the answers. Julie uncovers the tools you need to let you explore the answers for yourself. I would not hesitate in recommending Julie to friends, clients or strangers and would say, if you’re thinking of engaging with Julie – just go for it without a second thought!

Hannah Smart, Director, edge Urban Design